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women, woman, solo, traveler, daytripper, female, vagabond, whistlerLearn simple tips and tricks to keep you smiling in each country you visit with our top 10 travel tips for women travelers:

  1. Read up on a few points of cultural differences and some words of the local language as well as learning their equivalent to “911.” Blending in and having a plan are key to safe travel.
  2. Not only should you consider boosting your immune system beforehand with herbs like echinacea or commercial products like Cold FX, also consider any issues that could arise during your trip.  Your own personal mini-first aid kit helps avoid panicked late night runs when you’re not at your best. And, if you’re traveling in developing countries, it’s also must. You probably won’t find what you’re looking for there.
  3. Bring a rubber doorstop as additional security for weak (or non-existent) deadbolts.
  4. If your hotel clerk isn’t discreet when informing you of your room number, calmly ask for a new room and a lower tone of voice. You never know who’s listening in.
  5. Call the front desk to let them know your room needs cleaning. The “Please Clean” sign hanging on your door is an invitation for burgling. (And the “Do Not Dwomen, female, solo, travelers, tour, car, hire, bc, canada,isturb” sign works equally well to help prevent this when you’re out.) Also, don’t use room service breakfast door hangers because they ask for number of guest(s). You don’t want anyone to know you are alone.
  6. Get to know the staff in your hotel if your stay is over a day or two. Just a nod and a hello is all it takes to be friendly and makes it all the more likely they’ll help you when you need it most.
  7. Stay alert and constantly aware of your surroundings. Try to minimize alcohol consumption and avoid constant interaction with your devices. Paying attention at all times keeps you proactive rather than reactive.
  8. Use the ATM machines in the daytime and in populated spots to withdraw local currency in small amounts. You also get the best rates and won’t loose much if you’re pick-pocketed.
  9. Get a hotel postcard from the counter with the hotel’s info on it and keep it on you when you’re out. Life on the road can get confusing enough.
  10. Cities can be intimidating and especially if you’re traveling alone. If you’re headed someplace interesting, make arrangements to hire a sedan for the day and see the sights with a personally guided tour.

Call us now (604) 352-3878 for help with the last tip. We have safe, reliable vehicles and well-informed drivers who’d love to tour you around and keep you smiling! Wishing you many safe travels.

Vancouver bc Whale Watching Breaching Orca, humpback, sea lions, eagles, You’ll never forget your first sighting of the majestic Killer and Humpback whales as they breach and dance upon the Pacific with a seeming joy of performing just for you. Whale watching tours are the top of the list for classic must-see’s when visiting Vancouver, BC and are held every year from April through to October.

whale watching tours, minibus, coach, yellow rain gear, orcas, killer whales, porpoises, sea lions, seals, bald eaglesDon the infamous yellow rain gear and get ready to enjoy a 3-5 hour glide out over the ocean in zodiac boats designed especially for whale watching comfort and engineered for the safety of the surrounding marine mammals.

Leaving from the historic fishing village of Steveston, you’ll travel through the breathtaking Gulf and San Juan Isles where the scenery alone is worth the price of admission.

Vancouver, bc,  Whale Watching,  ExplorathorII, zodizc, pacific, oceanVancouver Whale Watch was the first to operate from the mainland in 1998 and their extensive whale spotting network has over 95% success rate viewing those water dancers and more marine wildlife like porpoises, sea lions, seals and bald eagles.

Call us today and we’ll help as you gather up your closest friends and family in our luxury air conditioned coaches, minibuses or stretch SUV for a relaxing ride to an experience of a lifetime!

whistler, electric bicycles, ebikes, vancouver symphony orchestra, ’Tis the season in BC when we look forward to feeling the sun on our face and the wind in our hair. What better way to do that then when exploring the local terrain on a bike! All ages of pedlars can hop on and reap the benefits of improved physical and mental states as well as for the planet.

One of the best places to experience this is on Whistler’s 75 km Valley Trail network of wide asphalt paved trails linking key destinations such as the Whistler village, the upper village, Creekside, 3 world class golf courses, the sea plane harbor, fishing holes, wildlife reserves, 5 pristine lakes, awesome parks, and mountain alpine neighbourhoods.

Electrically Powered
Join the grassroots interest spreading like wildfire across the globe and tour Whistler this year on an electric bike from Whistler E-Bikes. Not only are uphill inclines easier to make but you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying yourselves in a unique way.

Spending 2 to 3 hours on the seat of an ebike around this valley’s endless lakes and old growth forests is something else to behold.  Ending with a 30 minute Seaplane tour of the area you just rode is the cherry on the top of an awesome day!

Adrenaline Fueled
On the other end of the spectrum, Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Whistler, BC  in Canada has lift-serviced gravity fed, adrenaline fueled descending mountain bike trails. They have something for every level of bike rider and you’ll find everything you need all in one place – maps, tickets, camps, lessons, rentals, gear.

The A-Line is the lifeline of the Fitz Zone and heartbeat of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. It’s the trail where mega-trains were born and where more laps go down than anywhere else on earth. It’s the original freeride trail that gave birth to a new style of riding and it started a movement in the evolution of modern trail designs.

Food Foward
Afterward, you could make a stop at the Alpine Café for a delicious rice crispy treat might be suitable, or perhaps a lovely, leisurely sun filled lunch at Nita Lake Lodge, or a sumptuous dinner at the romantic Red Door Bistro at dinner.

Culturally Enriched
Maybe you’d prefer to see the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in the Olympic Celebration outdoor venue, with both Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains as a sunset backdrop. Or a cruise down to Rainbow Park where it all began in 1914, at a fishing lodge for lovers.

Book Now!
Start your tour cruising in our luxury vehicles from YVR airport, your hotel or home, along our magnificent sea to sky coastline up to the Whistler peaks to begin your day. There’s just so much to see and do. Join the fun and hop on now by calling us at 604-372-3858.

There’s many a world class vineyard in BC for you to tour & taste at but did you know there are some award-winning vineyards a mere 45 minutes away from Vancouver?

According to the experts, the terroir in south Langley is similar to that of some of the best wineries in northern France, making this area ideal to grow cool weather grape varietals. And close enough to get there and back in a day.

Backyard Vineyards
wines, winery, wine tour, wine tasting, Langley, BC, Canada, wine pairingsBackyard Vineyards (formerly known Neck of the Woods Winery) has been open for business in the Fraser Valley since 2009 and is recognized for their wines both locally and internationally with 50+ awards todate.

You can sit back, order a glass of wine and soak up the fresh country air in the pretty outdoor gazebo area that overlooks six acres of luscious grapes. The log-beamed retreat is fully covered to ensure plenty of shade from the elements and furnished witwhite wine, red wine, Langely, BC, Canadah custom picnic tables, seating roughly 50 guests and allowing plenty of room to mingle. If it’s a fair weather day, you can also head indoors to the comfortable tasting room and store.

The onsite and online stores offer a range of varietal, blended and bubbly wines made from B.C. grapes. They make juicy reds and crisp whites – the most popular of the 10 different types are the Nosey Neighbour red and white blends.

Township 7
Township 7, vineyards, france, winery, wine tastings, toursThis Metro Vancouver winery is located in a quaint building reminiscent of the many riding stables in the neighbourhood and offers a convenient wine country experience without leaving the city.

Named after the historic community of south Langley, its original name in the late 1800s was “Township 7”- the cottage on the property is an original building from the 1930s.

The Langley location enables them to produce outstanding method traditionelle sparkling wine and dry, Provence style Rosé wines. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines at the south Langley 5 acre property were planted in the spring of 2000 and the winery opened for business in July of 2001.Langley, Barrel, Cellar, Tasting Room, tours, France,

They also offer many cultural and culinary experiences including art shows, live music, theatre, charity fundraisers, wine seminars, community grape harvest/stomp, and winemaker dinners and more.

Chaberton Estates
Chaberton wineryChaberton is one of the largest estate wineries in British Columbia  and the oldest in the Fraser Valley.

They offer daily tastings in their boutique tasting room, winery tours and exquisite dining with authentic french cuisine in the Zagat rated “Excellent” Bacchus Bistro over looking the 55 – acre vineyard.

Started in 1975, the winery now produces in excess of 50,000 cases of wine a year.  There are 20+ wines, all of which are 100% BC VQA from grapes sourced from three of the grape growing regions in BC, the Fraser, Similkameen and Okanagan Valleys. All are available in the wine shop and online.

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Book our Taste of France minibus tour with 10-20 of your BFF’s and make it a day trip to remember.

yvr airport transfers, cruise ship transfers, tours, wine tasting, whistler, travelJoin us in the exciting launch of of our  “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” Tours series.

In each post we’ll highlight one of the most gorgeous places around the province or an activity to enjoy yourself doing.

We’ll show you the popular places and the lesser known corners that only a true Vancouverite would know of.

Whether it’s a wine tasting in the Okanagan, touring Vancouver’s historic Gastown on an urban trek or mountain biking on the Whistler peaks, we’ll show you where the fun is at, get you there relaxed and ready to enjoy!